what is in savage ancient seas

savage ancient seas features the following late cretaceous fossil skeletons

Archelon sign Archelon skeleton
Archelon sign Archelon skeleton
Xiphactinus sign Xiphactinus skeleton
Sophie Tylosaurus sign Sophie Tylosaurus skeleton
Bunker Tylosaurus sign Bunker Tylosaurus skeleton
Toxochelys sign Toxochelys skeleton
Saurodon sign Saurodon skeleton
Small Protostega sign Small Protostega skeleton
Small Chelosphargis sign Small Chelosphargis skeleton
Cimolichthys sign Cimolichthys skeleton
Clidastes sign Clidastes skeleton
Dolichorhynchops sign Dolichorhynchops skeleton
Elasmosaurus sign Elasmosaurus skeleton
Enchodus sign Enchodus skeleton
Hesperornis sign Hesperornis skeleton
Manitoba Pliosaur sign Manitoba Pliosaur skeleton
Megalodon sign Megalodon skeleton
Nyctosaurus sign Nyctosaurus skeleton
Pachyrhizodus sign Pachyrhizodus skeleton
Plesioplatecarpus sign Plesioplatecarpus skeleton
Prionochelys sign Prionochelys skeleton
Protosphyraena sign Protosphyraena skeleton
Large Protostega sign Large Protostega skeleton

kiosks bring context to the savage ancient seas

examples of touch stations and cabinet displays complimenting our didactic graphics

Fossil sea turtle exhibit graphic Cretaceous sea turtle touch station
Fossil fish exhibit graphic Fish fossil touch station
Pterosaur and Cretaceous bird graphic Pterosaur touch bones
Plesiosaur kiosk graphic Selmasaurus and monitor lizard skulls

digital and interactive learning in savage ancient seas

toucscreens, videos and mobile device content increase engagement and understanding

Touchscreen virtual fossil excavation Touchscreen fossil turtle puzzle
QR code for accessing mobile content Mobile device exhibit content
Structured light scanning with the Artec Spider Welding fossil skeleton armatures

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