Savage Ancient Seas


Savage Ancient Seas Collage Savage Ancient Seas® is the world of the Late Cretaceous Period, filled with huge carnivorous marine reptiles with double-hinged jaws and teeth in the middle of their palates, gigantic flesh-eating fish big enough to swallow an entire adult human, flying reptiles with 3 foot skulls and the biggest sea turtles to have ever lived. Unrivaled for their amazing varieties, voracious appetites, incredible teeth and gaping jaws, the creatures of the Savage Ancient Seas® are unlike anything known in today's world!

Fantastic specimens are accompanied by accurate and engaging information via kiosks, graphic panels and touch specimens. In concert, they provide your visitor with a greater understanding and appreciation for these magnificent denizens of the distant past. Critics agree, this exhibition has substance, which translates into repeat visits and accolades from young and old alike.

Take a few moments to examine the content of this exhibit; views of the mounted skeletons installed at previous venues, in addition to kiosks, cabinets, and educational information will lead you to a future reservation of Savage Ancient Seas® for your venue.

A Resource Disc including a video presentation, planning and production tools is available for your review. Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.

Now booking for 2019 and beyond!


For your convenience, we have placed the Savage Ancient Seas® catalog online as a .pdf so you can easily view or print it.

Savage Ancient Seas Catalog

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